Weight Lifting Equipment

There is no shortage of options when it comes to weight lifting equipment. Each piece of equipment has pros and cons of usage. Equipment can be divided into several categories each serving a specific purpose as listed below:

  • Free Weight Supplements
    Free weight supplements are used in conjunction with free weights by either helping an individual break over a lifting plateau, to help the healing process on an injured muscle or tendon, or by adding an additional element of balance into the lifting technique. These include: Weight Plates, Weight Chains, Resistance Bands, Exercise Balls, Bosu Balls
  • Stationary Devices
    Stationary devices are used to perform the exercise associated with that machine or as a station to exercise with free weights. These include: Exercise Machines (Plates / Cables), Racks / Stations (Squats / Dips), Weight Bench (Incline / Flat / Decline)
Found in many different formats, barbells are an indispensable piece of weight lifting equipment that allows users to perform a variety of exercises especially very heavy lifting for mass building.
A fine piece of equipment made for low weight, high repetition workouts, body bars can also be used to warm up and stretch before a big workout.
Used primarily in exercises that focus on the core muscles and also known for promoting balance, the Bosu Ball resembles an exercise ball that has been cut in half and placed on a flat rubber surface.
Allowing the user to work each side of the body separately, dumbbells are a classic piece of weight lifting equipment.
Excellent at increasing one's balance and bodily awareness, exercise balls create an environment based on focus and proper lifting technique. A single mishap can lead to injury or loss of balance while performing exercises that incorporate the exercise ball.
Designed with a specific purpose in mind, exercise machines are stationary devices that usually incorporate some kind of pulley system coupled with exercise plates for muscle isolation.
The EZ-Curl Bar is similar in length to the 4 foot barbell but offers a contoured grip that reduces wrist strain while allowing for an inner or outer grip.
The kettlebell is used to target multiple muscle groups all at once by performing large and explosive movements.
Designed to promote strength and balance, medicine balls can be used to perform a variety of exercises targeting multiple muscle groups.
Used in a variety exercises and available in fixed and adjustable formats, the weight bench is a standard piece of exercise equipment amongst most gyms and fitness centers.
A necessary piece of equipment when working with adjustable weight barbells or dumbbells, weight plates are available in a variety of weight amounts and fixed into position on the barbell using a clamp.
Weight stacks are used quite commonly with cable machines. Using a simple pin method to interchange weight amounts, this makes for a highly effective and easily adjustable weight training process.