Middle Chest Exercises

Chest Muscle Groups

Composed of two muscles; the pectoralis major and the pectoralis minor (located superficially below the pectoralis major), the middle chest includes no specific aspect of the chest being targeted.

The middle chest exercises below are used in nearly all chest exercises. The only difference is what particular pectoral area is the focus of the given exercise.

A list of middle chest exercises:

Bench press is generally thought of as the benchmark for chest strength. Various hand positions may be used to target specific muscles of the chest.
Dumbbell bench press, which is quite similar to barbell bench press, it a superb chest exercise for working the stabilizers, allow for a full range of motion, and promote full pectoral muscular recruitment.
Much like dumbbell flys, flat bench crossover flys are a good all-around chest exercise that expand the thorax and stretch the pectorals.
Dumbbell flys expand the thorax and stretch the pectorals, offering a full, robust chest workout.
Never to be executed with heavy weights, incline flys are performed on an incline bench. They expand the thorax while blasting the upper pectorals.
Isolating the pectorals, machine presses (vertical) are an alternative to incline or flat bench press which can be especially handy when a spotter is not available.
Pec deck flys is a fantastic chest exercise that allows for focus on the inner and outer chest. These are an ideal exercise to work on defining the chest, whether it is for definition or developing pectoral striations.
Pullovers utilizing a barbell are a unique exercise that--in addition to expanding the rib cage--provide the pectorals, lats, triceps, and serratus (anterior) with an intense workout.
Pullovers utilizing a dumbbell are an interesting exercise that expand the rib cage--they also target the pectorals, lats, triceps, and serratus (anterior), resulting in an intense workout.
An advanced version of the normal push-up, utilizing a Bosu Ball, one is able to incorporate additional muscle groups into the exercise.
Push-ups are a classic calisthenics chest/triceps builder with the benefit of not needing any extra equipment.
A variation of the standard push-up, this exercise brings the oblique muscles in as a primary focus.
Squat thrusts / up-downs are a grueling, full-body exercise that work a large array of muscles from your chest to your calves.
Crossover flys with cables is a dynamic chest exercise that allows for broad muscular recruitment through the large range of motion and variety of positions it offers. They are particular unique in that they can put substantial focus on the inner chest muscles (the sternal head).
Straight-armed flys, much like pec dec flys, is a simple chest exercise that allows for broad muscular recruitment through a large range of motion. These are an optimal exercise to work on defining the chest, whether it be toning or developing striations.