Lower Ab Exercises

Lower Ab Exercises Muscle Image

The lower aspect of the rectus abdominis, this muscle area includes the abdominals located at and below the belly button. The lower abs are targeted by various exercises that involve extending the legs and / or raising them. Caution should be taken as many of these lower ab exercises can cause lower back pain if performed incorrectly.

Numerous individuals may have trouble defining the abdominal muscles in the lower region of the stomach but do not be discouraged as this is completely normal. More often that not, the reason for this is due to excess body fat settling around the lower abdominals.

A list of lower ab exercises:

Utilizing a smaller range of motion, bicycle kicks can be used as a great alternative to the standard leg raise exercise but places additional emphasis on the obliques.
Incorporating the use an adjustable bench, incline leg raises offer a fine variation on this classic lower abdominal exercise.
A challenging exercise, L pull-ups literally require one to form an "L" shape with their body, and hold it while doing pull-ups.
This is a great exercise utilizing the dip machine for those just starting to target the lower abs by raising the legs to a parallel level with the ground.
Able to be performed from anywhere, this exercise uses one's own leg weight as resistance while laying flat on the ground.
Similar in execution to knee raises, leg raises target the middle and lower abdominals while more substantially involving the quads and obliques.
The hanging straps allow for complete focus to be put on the lower abs with this exercise.
An interesting (and difficult) exercise that utilizes a flat bench to target the abs as well as the lower abs.
Requiring balance and coordination, seated legs tucks work the entire abdominal regions (i.e. lower, middle, and upper), as well as the hips.
Utilizing the dip machine by holding the handles and suspending the body, the lower abdominals are targeted by raising the legs to a parallel level with the ground.