Shoulder Stretches

As with any exercise, warming up the shoulder muscles is a great way to prevent injury. This can be done a number of ways:

  • In one hand, take the lightest weight you can find. Most gyms this is 5 lbs in a plate form but some may have dumbbells as light as 2 lbs. With a firm grip, take the weight and rotate your arm in a windmill motion. Doing this slowly with great regard for your surroundings. Be to not hit anyone or anything as you will need a great amount of clearance to spin your arm. Repeated for the opposite side.
  • Locate a pull up bar or some type of tall structure that you can put place your hands on top of. Standing straight up, place your hands on the top structure, while pressing against it; tilt your torso forward while keeping your arms straight up against the structure. You should feel it stretch your shoulders. Be very careful as to not over extend yourself, both arms are done at once.