Serratus Anterior Exercises

Serratus Anterior Exercises Muscle Image

The serratus anterior and intercostals (located between the ribs) are not very popular muscles, rarely making it into an individuals exercise program. These tiny muscles complement the abdominals and obliques quite nicely.

The majority of serratus anterior exercises will employ a pulling motion usually with a weight overhead or by having the arms come in front of the body with an arcing motion.

A list of serratus anterior exercises:

This exercise is similar to performing a suspended 'plank' and it demands complete control and proper technique to effectively target the abdominals and serratus anterior muscles.
Hanging serratus crunches are a tough exercise that demand control of the body to truly target the serratus muscles.
This often overlooked exercise targets the obliques and serratus anterior by using a cable machine to create resistance from a kneeling position while a crunch is performed.
Pullovers utilizing a barbell are a unique exercise that--in addition to expanding the rib cage--provide the pectorals, lats, triceps, and serratus (anterior) with an intense workout.
Pullovers utilizing a dumbbell are an interesting exercise that expand the rib cage--they also target the pectorals, lats, triceps, and serratus (anterior), resulting in an intense workout.
Machine pullovers, which target the lats and serratus, is among the best of machine exercises for the back. This exercise involves moving through a half-circle arc that results in a great stretch and rib cage expansion.
Performed with the rope extension, rope pulls are an excellent way to target the elusive serratus muscles as well as the obliques and abdominals.