Lower Back Exercises

Back Muscle Groups

The lower back contains a multitude of muscles. The spinal erectors or more commonly used term, erector spinae, are used to categorize muscles that run vertical with the spinal column. These are divided more accurately into the paraspinal muscles which span the length of the back and are divided into four categories: illiocostalis, longissimus, quadratus, and spinalis.

It is important to remember that the lower back is highly susceptible to injury. Performing lower back exercises with proper technique is paramount to avoiding bodily injury or harm.

A list of lower back exercises:

Great for isolating the lower back, back extensions use a roman chair apparatus to support the body and provide solid focus on the spinal erectors.
Quite simply, deadlifts are the ultimate power exercise; they blast the majority of the body's muscles (especially the quads, glutes, lats, and traps).
Able to be performed anywhere (when not using weights), good mornings put focus on the lower back and require a great deal of focus and balance.
Reducing the amount of focus on the quadriceps from standard deadlifts, straight leg deadlifts concentrate on the hamstrings, buttocks, and lower back as primary muscles.