Upper Chest Exercises

Chest Muscle Groups

Containing the clavicular or 'upper' head of the pectoralis major, the upper chest is targeted through upper chest exercises which take place on benches set at an incline.

With enough focus and determination, it is possible to clearly define this head of the pectoral from the rest the chest.

A list of upper chest exercises:

The primary focus of incline presses with the barbell is the upper chest but also incorporates use of the triceps.
Incline bench press with dumbbells is an excellent way to target the upper chest (clavicular head of the pectorals).
Never to be executed with heavy weights, incline flys are performed on an incline bench. They expand the thorax while blasting the upper pectorals.
Isolating the pectorals, machine presses (vertical) are an alternative to incline or flat bench press which can be especially handy when a spotter is not available.
An advanced version of the normal push-up, utilizing a Bosu Ball, one is able to incorporate additional muscle groups into the exercise.