Cardio Equipment

When it comes to raising your heart rate, there is no shortage of choices on equipment. These machines try to mimic the movement one experiences during bipedal locomotion or device assisted movement. One of the great traits that most cardio based exercise equipment shares is that the intensity levels are almost completely customizable. This allows for the individual to vary one’s workout while on a single machine.

The list below contains equipment most often found in the cardio section of the gym or club:

Ideal for a complete body burn, climbing machines incorporate the entire body into use by requiring the individual to engage in climbing simulations.
As a great alternative to the treadmill, the elliptical offers a replication of the walking/running motion but without one major factor: the impact.
Using motions most individuals are familiar with, the exercise bike allows for a low impact workout that uses the lower body with minimum upper body involvement.
Incorporating use of the arms and back, the rowing machine's focus lies on the upper body to elevate one's heart rate.
Simulating an exertion made while progressing up a flight of stairs, stair machines allow for an endless amount of stairs to climb that require the quads, calves and buttocks to fire while raising the heart rate.
Great for targeting the calves, the stepper is a compact piece of workout equipment that offers a great cardio benefit as well as the ability to greatly tone the calves.
The treadmill offers a fantastic solution for those looking to get a solid run in no matter what the weather conditions may be outside.