Hamstring Exercises

Leg Muscle Groups

The hamstrings are mainly comprised of an inner and outer section. The inner section includes the semimembranosus (lower aspect) and the semitendinosus (upper aspect). The outer section has two heads; the biceps femoris: long head (upper aspect) and the biceps femoris: short head (lower aspect).

Hamstring injuries are among the most common in the leg region. It is highly advised to properly stretch before performing any hamstring exercises involving these muscles.

A list of hamstring exercises:

Using an exercise ball, this exercise not only focuses on the hamstrings but puts a great deal of emphasis on balance and form.
Leg extensions are superb for working the hamstrings. Care should be taken as this exercise can put a fair amount of stress on the knees.
Seated leg curls are fantastic for isolating the hamstrings that minimize other muscle group usage.
Reducing the amount of focus on the quadriceps from standard deadlifts, straight leg deadlifts concentrate on the hamstrings, buttocks, and lower back as primary muscles.