Proteins are used by the body to build, repair, and maintain muscle tissue. For this reason, having a properly balanced diet is essential to muscle growth. Simply eating foods that are high in protein will not result is substantial muscle growth. What the food pyramid doesn't tell you is that protein is not just protein but a combination of amino acids.

A list of protein articles:

Often confused to being a carbohydrate, gluten is actually a protein found in certain types of grain based foods. It is the reason why these foods have a doughy or chewy texture.
Consuming high quantities of protein allows for great muscle growth and allows to cut carbs and fats from one's diet.
When food containing protein is consumed, the body breaks this protein down for amino acids. There are several factors that affect how quickly the protein is broken down.
Protein in the diet is critical to building muscle but often misunderstood in regards to what constitutes quality protein and where to find it.
The human body is limited in how much protein it can effectively absorb on a daily basis. Learn what these limits are and the factors that affect them.
Learn all about what protein is, what forms a complete protein chain, effects of too little protein, and the effects of too much protein in the diet.