Inner Thigh (Adductor) Exercises

Leg Muscle Groups

The inner thigh is mostly comprised of a series of muscles known as the adductors. Generally targeted by motions that have the legs start away from the body, and through adduction, bring the legs closer to the body. The adductors of the inner thighs are the brevis, gracilis, longus, magnus, and pectineus.

There is another muscle that is part of the inner thigh (adductor) exercises family, it is located within the inner thigh group and known as the sartorius. This muscle runs from the entire length of the thigh, starting from the outside, curving over the quadriceps, and inside to the knee.

A list of inner thigh (adductor) exercises:

Machine adductions will scorch your inner thighs. Done from a seated position, this exercise allows for complete focus on the adductor muscles.
Requiring a focus and balance, standing hip adductions are performed on a cable machine by using an attachment that is secured to the ankle during the exercise motion.