Body Bar

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Vaguely resembling the structure of barbells, body bars look like long weighted cylinders. The difference is that body bars are not made to carry additional weight. They are come in a variety of fixed weights, measure about 4 feet is length, and place a primary focus on excellent lifting form with very high repetitions.

Body bars should not be used by an individual seeking to increase muscle bulk, the weight is not enough to effectively tear down the muscle fibers and instigate regrowth. For one who is looking to tone and increase overall muscle density, the body bar is a viable solution. Body bars are also great for warm up routines that loosen muscles, tendons, and ligaments, thus aiding in injury prevention.

Most exercises performed with a barbell can be mimicked using the body bar. Often wrapped in rubber, body bars offer a more comfortable alternative to the harsh metal bars. Due to the relative light weight of the bar, the user is able to maintain control more easily which also leads to a safer workout.

The downside to using body bars is that due to the fixed weight of each bar, a set with multiple weight amounts must be available to effectively train the multitude of muscle groups. This is not only more expensive but takes up more space for storage when the bars are not in use.

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