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The Bosu Ball offers a great way for individuals to utilize several supporting muscles that are not normally used while performing exercises. Using these muscles allows the body to increase its ability to maintain balance. Exercises are generally performed in two variations: either by standing on the ball portion (or placing the hands on it) with the flat rubber side on the floor or by doing the reverse by placing the Bosu Ball upside down and using the flat side as your point of contact with the rounded portion in contact with the floor. In both situations, caution should be taken as without proper training the rounded nature of the equipment (similar to the exercise ball), can cause one to become off balance and could potentially lead to injury.

Reducing potential injury

It is highly advised to stretch and execute some warm-up exercises on the Bosu Ball before performing the full weighted exercises. This will allow one to become acclimated to the balance required while on the device. If one is planning to perform bicep curls with dumbbells on the Bosu Ball, try it first with 50% if the desired weight before going to full load. This not only warms up the muscles and gets the blood flowing, but it allows the body to properly adjust to the level of balance and stability required to perform exercises on the Bosu Ball.

Maximize results

The Bosu Ball should be used to supplement workouts, not as a primary element. The reason for this is because the amount of focus placed on the exercise being performed is often lost as a result of maintaining balance and stability. At other times, one must reduce the weight being used while on the device in order to execute it correctly and safely. This reduction in the amount of weight lifted will result in less muscle gain for the targeted muscle group while yielding an improvement in balance and stability.

Setting up

Be sure to allow enough open space while performing exercises on or with the Bosu Ball. Stay away from walls and other structures that one could potentially fall into if balance is lost. Also, when the workout is complete, be sure to return the device to a safe location. Do not leave it out in the open for someone to trip over.

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