EZ-Curl Bar

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EZ-Curl Bar

Designed to alleviate wrist strain, the EZ-Curl Bar is about 4 feet in length and resembles the shape of a 'W' allowing for multiple grip locations across the bar. The grip locations can be on the inside or outside of the 'W', each location targeting specific muscles dependent on the exercise performed. For example: if one is performing bicep curls with an inner grip, the long or 'outer' head of the biceps brachii will be targeted due to the elbow being forced away from the body; an outer grip will target the short or 'inner' head of the biceps brachii which in turn forces the in towards the body. One can also use a far inside or outside grip but the point of the EZ-Curl Bar is lost and a standard barbell may be used as those locations are composed of straight metal bar.

Commonly used for exercises that involve a curling motion (but not limited to) such as bicep curls and reverse preacher curls, the reduction of wrist strain allows for complete focus on the task at hand. Keep in mind, there is a difference between experiencing muscle burn from gripping the bar tightly and the tendons in the wrist being pushed to their limits supporting the weight.

Super EZ-Curl Bar Image
Super EZ-Curl Bar

EZ-Curl Bar Types

Fixed weight and adjustable weight EZ-Curl Bars are available. The fixed weight version is available in incremental weight amount while the adjustable version is simply a curved bar where additional weight plates and be added and secured with clips or clamps.

Aside from the fixed and adjustable weight types, there are also variations in the curvature of the bar itself. The less curved variation is known as the regular EZ-Curl while the highly curly version is known as the Super EZ-Curl. The Super EZ-Curl Bar will contain a very wavy structure, so wavy in fact that on the inner grip one can establish a full neutral grip (the one used in hammer curls). This can be a great alternative to the version that uses dumbbells to perform the exercise.

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