Dip Belt

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The dip belt is designed to allow for additional weight to be added while performing exercises that generally use body weight only. The dip belt looks similar to a weight lifting belt but features a chain attached to both ends of the belt. This chain is anchored to one side and hooks into the other. The idea is to run the chain through a weight plate first for additional weight, then perform the desired exercise.

To get started, position the rear of the belt on the lower back. Take the chain and run it through the center of a weight plate (or many weight plates if you desire!). Attach the chain to the other end of the belt. Be sure to move with caution as the added weight can throw off one's center of gravity as well as swing the plates from side-to-side while moving. It is also good practice to keep one hand on the chain to keep it from swaying too wildly while getting into position for the exercise.

While performing the desired exercise, one should keep a slight angle to their lifting technique. The reason for this is so the added weight does not pull the belt down off the body. Another solution is to push the legs out a bit causing the belt to catch on hips or upper thighs.

Dip belts are commonly available in two types of material: leather and nylon. There is no major difference between the two (in terms of longevity and price) but it is highly recommended that one try on both types before making a decision of which to use. The belt needs to feel comfortable and contour correctly to the unique shape of the owner's body.

Examples of exercises that make great use of the dip belt are dips and pull-ups because sometimes one's body weight just isn't enough.

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