One-Arm Cross Cable Laterals

Performance Description
  1. Locate a cable machine and secure the single-grip attachment.
  2. Set the pulley to the lowest pin setting.
  3. With the attachment to the left of the body, grab it with the right hand reaching around in front of the body.
  4. Attachment in hand, take a few steps away from the machine to put a bit of tension on the line.
  5. Keeping a slight bend in the elbow, pull the attachment out and away from the body, arcing upward until the arm is directly to side of the body with the hand about eye level. Inhale throughout this motion.
  6. Slowly return the weight to it's starting position while exhaling.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6.
Primary Muscle(s)
Shoulders (Deltoid: Posterior)
Secondary Muscle(s)
Outer Back (Infraspinatus)
Outer Back (Teres Major)
Outer Back (Teres Minor)
Shoulders (Deltoid: Anterior)
Shoulders (Deltoid: Lateral)
Upper Back (Rhomboid Major)
Upper Back (Rhomboid Minor)
Upper Back (Trapezius)
Tertiary Muscle(s)
Forearms (Anconeus)
Forearms (Flexor: Carpi Radialis)
Forearms (Flexor: Carpi Ulnaris)
Forearms (Flexor: Digitorum Profundus)
Forearms (Flexor: Digitorum Superficialis)
Forearms (Flexor: Pollicis Longus)
Triceps (Triceps Brachii: Lateral Head)
Further Clarification

One-Arm Cross Cable Laterals is a great exercise to combo with Front Arm Raises (Cable). These exercises target different primary shoulder muscles with a secondary target of the lateral deltoids achieved by both. This allows for them to be performed sequentially or in a super set.

Things To Look Out For

Due to the involvement of rotator cuff muscles like the teres major/minor and infraspinatus, one-arm cross cable laterals should be performed with caution and control.

Exercise Position(s)
Considered An Exercise In The Following Categories