44 Reasons Why It Is Never Too Late To Start Exercising

June 16, 2014
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People always seem to find excuses to avoid doing things they do not want to do but know that they should. They build up lists in their minds as evidence against doing it: "There's not enough time", "It's too expensive", "I've never done that before", etc. At some point, these excuses wear out and it's time to do something. For my cousin, it has been 44 years of his life never knowing the joys of highly nutritious eating and the rush of conquering a workout.

His journey began about six months ago when his diet changed. He and his wife transitioned to a diet free of gluten saturated foods (or as free of gluten as people can be in this day and age). While healthy eating patterns were observed as often as possible, this moment marked a true evolution in the way both of them ate. An immediate difference was noticed in both energy levels as well as overall well-being. They no longer felt the sluggish and lethargic effects from consuming their typical foods sources. This was the spark that ignited what came next.

After several weeks of feeling better and more energetic, both of them began to notice another effect from their nutritious eating: weight loss. Healthy eating will generally favor easier weight loss in males than females but as both saw the numerical difference, this fired them up even more. As often stated, fitness begins with nutrition. Without proper fuel, the body cannot function as it was meant to nor withstand the stress from intense workout sessions.

His wife decided it was time to take things to the next level and joined a gym. She also enlisted the aid of a personal trainer. Often, this can be the best option for those that are unfamiliar with specific exercises as performing an exercise incorrectly can easily lead to injury as well as less desirable results due to improper form. Her results were outstanding, so outstanding in fact that my cousin decided as of three weeks ago he would be joining the same gym. He enlisted the aid of a personal trainer as well to begin his quest in building muscle, reducing his waistline, and really taking his body to the next level. In his short time at the gym, he has discovered the absolute joy of finishing a killer workout. He now knows the pain of squats and deadlifts but understands the glorious results they bring. He is already seeing physical results as his muscle grow and become more defined.

As someone who has been into fitness since high school, it is very exciting to see my cousin discovering the potential of his body and I cannot wait for him to see the results all these workout sessions can bring physically and mentally. This story is for anyone as it is never too late to start. Stop finding excuses to not make the life change. Start with nutrition, you will start to feel better and befoe you know it, you'll be in the gym working out, enhancing your body, and feeling better than you ever have in your entire life.

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