Weight Gain Goals

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It may seem counter intuitive to have weight gain goals but there are often very legitimate reasons for establishing them. Weight gain goals are not just about putting on more pounds but putting on the right kind of pounds for fitness enthusiasts meaning lean body mass. This does not happen overnight and often requires a great amount of dedication and determination. The science behind weight gain goals is to intake more calories than you expend. The "macronutrients" of nutrition section explains more about calories.

Effective Weight Gain

Weight gain is not just about gaining weight but gaining the right kind of weight. Eating the rights foods with the right kinds of protein and the healthy kinds of fat is highly important. Also, maintaining your exercise regime is incredibly important. One should not sacrifice muscle mass or cardiovascular strength in efforts to reduce caloric expenditure.

To effectively gain weight, meals should be predetermined and measured so one can gauge a near exact amount of calories being consumed. Much like weight loss goals, weight gain goals is a science and requires planning and preparation. Timelines should be defined and weight gain should be measured regularly.

Weight Gain for Physical Appearance

Whether you are a female or a male that is underweight, you have probably been ridiculed sometime in your life about being skinny. Society has imbued an image of what we should all look like and this is what drives the goal of weight gain for those that are deemed underweight. Often this is not just measured by the actual weight of the individual but how the individual looks. For this kind of weight gain, a large amount of focus is put on increasing quality proteins and quality fats as well as visual results.

Weight Gain for Health Reasons

A doctor prescribed weight gain program can be established if the doctor feels their patient is underweight. One of the more frequent reasons for this is with pregnant women who are urged to gain weight during pregnancy to ensure the baby develops properly. See "fats" for more information about gaining weight while still eating healthy. This kind of weight gain is measured by stepping on the scale, not from a visual of one's bodily appearance.

Having fat reserves is also a healthier way to live because the body is able to better regulate chemicals and hormones being released.

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