Reverse Preacher Curls (Barbell)

Performance Description
  1. Set an EZ curl bar (or straight barbell) with the desired weight amount in the preacher curl rack.
  2. Position the seat so your lower chest is pressed against the inner pad (the one closest to the seat), and your underarms (i.e. axillae) meet the top of the pad in such a way that your upper arms are at roughly a 45 degree angle with horizontal.
  3. From a seated position, reach over the pads and grasp the bar in an overhand (i.e. pronated--thumbs facing one another) fashion.
  4. Return to the seated position while bringing the weight up and towards the outer pad (i.e. the one the elbows press against) and hold it there.
  5. Take this time to properly position your feet (they should be flat against the ground and not pressed against the curl rack) while the lower chest should be pressed firmly against the inner pad.
  6. Extend the arms downward until they are nearly straight while keeping the elbows pressed against the outer pad, inhaling throughout the motion.
  7. Lift the bar upward and toward your chin while exhaling throughout.
  8. Repeat steps 6-7 for as many repetitions as are desired.
  9. When complete, almost fully extend your arms, stand up from the seat, and gently place the bar back onto to rack. If the weight is particularly heavy, you may want a trainer partner to take the bar from you and place it on the rack.
Primary Muscle(s)
Biceps (Brachialis)
Forearms (Brachioradialis)
Forearms (Extensor: Carpi Radialis Brevis)
Forearms (Extensor: Carpi Radialis Longus)
Forearms (Extensor: Carpi Ulnaris)
Forearms (Extensor: Digiti Minimi)
Forearms (Extensor: Digitorum)
Secondary Muscle(s)
Biceps (Biceps Brachii: Long 'Outer' Head)
Biceps (Biceps Brachii: Short 'Inner' Head)
Forearms (Abductor: Pollicis Brevis)
Forearms (Anconeus)
Forearms (Extensor: Pollicis Brevis)
Forearms (Flexor: Carpi Ulnaris)
Tertiary Muscle(s)
Shoulders (Deltoid: Anterior)
Further Clarification

The preacher curl device provides the means to perform very strict and isolated movements. Keeping this in mind, due to the nature of the preacher curl device, it can be easy for one to allow this strict movement to be compromised by letting the buttocks come off the seat on the downward motion of the exercise. This can, in turn, lead to the shoulders dropping therefore reducing the amount of focus on the forearms and biceps.

Things To Look Out For

The amount of weight used in performing this exercise will be less than the amount used in the standard preacher curl exercise. The emphasis of this exercise in on the forearms, and because of the overhand (pronated) grip used, a large amount of stress is placed on the wrists. The preacher bench places a great deal of stress on the elbows when one's arms are extended; therefore it is recommended to extend one's arms just short of fully extended.

Exercise Position(s)
Seated, Standing
Myth Busting

This exercise should not be used as a primary exercise for the biceps. The overhand (pronated) grip does not allow for the biceps to become fully contracted at the peak of the lift leaving the biceps brachii heads (long and short) longing for more.

Exercise Variations
Considered An Exercise In The Following Categories