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With the seemingly endless amounts of at home work outs and fitness trends, it seems almost antiquated to exercise at the gym. This is far from accurate, the gym allows one to focus entirely on the workout without distractions like TV, Internet, phone calls, etc. Most gyms even have child areas that allow parents to work out without having to pay for a babysitter. Before heading to the gym, you should have your exercises all planned out.

Planning Your Workout

One should never arrive at the gym not know what is in store. Following a set schedule and plan allows for maximum usage of one's time while at the gym. It is already hard enough getting there and wasting time only causes more issues by not getting the most out of your time. If you are in a specific class or have a personal trainer, then the planning is done for you, just show up on time and get ready to sweat. If you plan your own workouts, know what you will be doing and in what order.

In regards to clothing and hygiene, wear clothes that are clean and do not smell. Wearing the same shirt without washing after a workout is generally frowned upon. If you work out in the evening after a full day of activity, re-apply deodorant before hitting the gym. Often times we get so busy with our schedules throughout the day that we forget simple things like this which make the gym experience better for everyone.

Clean up after Yourself

This is one of the most overlooked items in the gym. When we work out, we sweat. If you leave a pile of sweat on a machine, get the disinfecting spray and wipe it down. If you don't, you are just creating a hassle for the person who is going to use that equipment next. Don't forget the grip bars either, sweaty hands make greasy bars and can actually be a hazard for yourself and others.

If you don't have a reusable water bottle or like to have snacks while you workout, throw away your bottle tops, bottles, and wrappers. It's rude and dangerous to leave that stuff lying around for someone to step on.

The Locker Room

Most gyms have locker room rules posted that include items like no cell phone, no video cameras, etc. Be sure to check your gyms rules for specifics. Things the gym doesn't post are more common sense than anything but people often fail to follow them like:

  • If you have a bag, keep it clear of any walk ways so no one trips on it.
  • Wear a towel when you're not in the shower. If you air dry at home that's fine, but do everyone a favor and cover up.
  • The hair dryers are for drying your hair, not other parts of your body.
  • Clean up your area if you use a lot of products after your shower like shaving cream, hair gel, make up, etc.

Use common sense and your best judgment. If you're doing something that would bother you watching someone else do it, don't do it!

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